Christmas Time 12-23-16

Many last minute (and not so last minute) orders. Dave was last minute. He didn’t mind, though, getting his frog after Christmas. So, that worked out. He gets his frog next week. He wanted a frog like the one I made that’s in a restaurant called Coastal Flats. I had an apprentice help me with the crating. I have a new apprentice. His name is Lorenzo. I think he’s going to work out very well. My old apprentice, Todd Miller, AKA Toddzilla, moved to Arizona with his mom who plans to help him sell his frogs, the frog sculptures he learned from me how to build. We plan to work together in the future. Our relationship is not over. Todd worked for me for a little over a year, and in that time, he developed his frog making skills. He’s an artist. I prefer to work with artists even though as artists, we all have the capacity to be somewhat prima donnas.

Last minute Christmas has got me bushed. I got Kim’s frog to her, thankfully, in time for Christmas Eve. It is a guitar frog for her husband. A very thoughtful gift.

Merrry Christmas! beau

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Copper Frog Sculpture Process Revealed (sort of)

The purpose of this and many other posts in this category is to show my process. As well, it is to help me be accountable for the work and to further be all the more organized. The craftsmanship and creation of the work can thus become part of the art, which it is when one sees it, but here, thanks to the current technology, I am able to share the process. This sharing becomes part of the performance and part of the art. I’m doing the work and I know as an artist that the actual creation of the work is very exciting. So why not share that excitement with the world by documenting and planning in such a way that others can witness my process.

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artist frog sculptures

artist frog sculptures

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